Difference Between Inbound And Outbound Marketing

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Inbound and outbound describe two fundamentally different approaches to marketing. Here we take an in-depth look at the key differences.While the world of marketing is always changing at the tactical level, paradigm shifts in the way we market are less frequent. The most recent of these has been the movement from traditional, outbound marketing to inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing vs. outbound marketing

Inbound marketing is a collection of activities that draw buyers in toward your brand as they perform their reasearch online. Unlike outbound methods, which interrupt large audiences, inbound aims to connect you with your buyer where they are looking, when they are looking, and in ways that they welcome rather than ignore.

Outbound marketing

‘Outbound’ describes any marketing where you push you message out toward buyers, forcing it under their noses and hoping to generate a reaction.Another name for this approach is ‘interruption marketing’ as it typically tries to take attention away from what your buyer is doing and bring it, forcibly, on to your product or service.

Classic examples of outbound tactics include direct mail, telemarketing, mass email marketing and banner advertising.

When running an outbound marketing campaign it is the marketer, not the buyer, who chooses the subject, timing and channel of interaction. In addition, most outbound tactics stop working the moment you stop paying for them.

While these tactics can still be of value to marketers, the way they have traditionally been used has become less and less effective, because they go against the preferences of today’s internet-enabled buyers.

Modern buyers want control of their buying process. They don’t welcome attempts to sell to them, preferring to do their own research and only engaging with suppliers when near to making a purchase decision.

Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing, on the other hand, describes the use of marketing tactics that align with the way modern buyers want to conduct their purchase decisions – letting them come ‘in’ to you rather then pushing your message out.

Inbound marketing helps you get found by researching buyers, give them valuable information and advice remotely, and adapt your message as they move through the different stages of the buying process.

Inbound Marketing Techniques

inbound marketing tactics

Online marketing revolves around a set of key activities, these are important techniques for a successful inbound marketing campaign. Here are a few elements that you will need to master if you are going to promote your business with inbound marketing.

1.Search engine optimisation

2.Content creation


4.Social media


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